We call SPACE10 a future-living lab

We set out to explore possible future scenarios, detect potential disruptions, understand global challenges and, most importantly, design for people's dreams and aspirations. We do this in collaboration with an ever-growing network of experts, specialists, designers and other forward-thinking partners.

Based on our insights and learnings, we continuously strive to design new ways to create a better, more meaningful and sustainable life for the many people.

SPACE10 is currently exploring three themes

Our industrial model has resulted in us consuming in a very linear way, where we basically take, make, use and dispose. What if we could design in a more circular way? There is a world of opportunity to re-think and redesign the way we produce and consume. We wish to be part of evolving this linear thinking, and with creativity and innovation be part of building a restorative, sustainable and responsible economy.

As our cities grow bigger and become more crowded, we need to create spaces for better ways of living that are also sustainable and affordable. We detect great opportunities in designing new concepts for spaces to live, work, meet, eat, shop and socialize in, but also spaces that empower people who are truly in need of a better everyday life.

Digital has become a natural part of our everyday lives. Technology can enable almost anything, and soon almost every living person will be a digital native. How can we think of “digital” as any technology that connects people and machines with each other or with information? How can digital empower us in creating better everyday lives?